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Introducing uploads to Debian by git tag

We like to revisit the discussion about simple git tags used for Debian uploads.

Salsa updated to GitLab 13.7

Debian Salsa updated to GitLab 13.7 with several new features.

Salsa updated to GitLab 13.5

Debian Salsa updated to the recent GitLab 13.5 release with several new features.

Booting Debian on ThinkPad X13 AMD

Got a bleeding ThinkPad X13 with Windows. Need Debian.

Salsa hosted 1e6 CI jobs

Today, Salsa hosted it's 1,000,000th CI job. The price for hitting the target goes to the Cloud team. The job itself was not that interesting, but it was successful.

Introducing dpkg source format for git repositories

There is a large disagreement inside Debian on how a git repository used for Debian packages should look like. You just have to read debian-devel to get too much of it.

Some people prefer that the content of the repository looks like a "modern" (3.0) source package the Debian …

Google Cloud backed Debian mirror

It's been some time that someone at Google told us that they had problems providing a stable mirror of Debian for use by their cloud platform. I wanted to give it a try and see what the platform can give us. At this time I was already responsible for the …

Network caps in cloud environments

Providing working network is not easy. Providing enough troughput is not easy either.

New blog featuring Pelican

For years I used a working blog setup using Zope, Plone and Quills. Quills was neglected for a long time and made me stuck at the aging Plone 4.2. There seems to be some work done in the last year, but I did not really care. Also this whole …

Setting up Ceph the hard way

Almost all existing documentation tells me how to setup Ceph with one or two layers of abstration. This entry shows how to set it up by hand without needing root permissions.


Ceph consists of two main daemons. One is the monitoring daemon, which monitors the health of the cluster …