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S390 assembler

by Bastian Blank — last modified Sep 18, 2006 05:55 AM
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I just take a look into the opcodes list of binutils for s390 and found the following entries:

b9b1 cu24 RRF_M0RR "convert utf-16 to utf-32" z9-109 zarch
b2a6 cu21 RRF_M0RR "convert utf-16 to utf-8" z9-109 zarch
b2a6 cuutf RRF_M0RR "convert unicode to utf-8" z9-109 zarch
b9b3 cu42 RRF_M0RR "convert utf-32 to utf-16" z9-109 zarch
b9b2 cu41 RRF_M0RR "convert utf-32 to utf-8" z9-109 zarch
b2a7 cu12 RRF_M0RR "convert utf-8 to utf-16" z9-109 zarch
b2a7 cutfu RRF_M0RR "convert utf-8 to unicode" z9-109 zarch
b9b0 cu14 RRF_M0RR "convert utf-8 to utf-32" z9-109 zarch

Since z9-109, it have own opcodes to convert between the different types of unicode.

New XEN infrastructure

by Bastian Blank — last modified Sep 04, 2006 12:42 PM
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It is done. The new Xen infrastructure is finished, although it is not yet completely in unstable.

The main difference to the old one, the hypervisor and utils packages includes the complete version and an abi spec, just like our linux kernels. Also it is now possible to install more than one version of the utils at the same time. The userspace tries to find the correct tools for the running hypervisor.

The following packages are provided now:

  • xen-hypervisor-3.0.2-1-$flavour
  • xen-utils-3.0.2-1
  • xen-ioemu-3.0

and from the kernel

  • xen-linux-system-$kernelversion

The only missing thing is a selection of the correct hypervisor in update-grub.